Sunday, May 4, 2014

Footprint emotions and a perfect world

So, in class lately we have been talking about three main things: emotions, footprint, and a perfect world. So obviously I will take this in three parts, then a conclusion. So, let's get started.

Part 1 Emotions 
We were asked if animals have feelings. We basically concluded that animals do have feelings, just not as many as we do. For example, dogs must have feelings or else they would not enjoy a walk or want to go on one at all. They would just live. But instead, they do get excited that they're going to go on one. Then they sometimes mope if they don't get to go on one. In my opinion, this is pure evidence that dogs do have feelings and it shows how important feelings are. By having feelings, it makes life more than just survival of the fittest.

Part 2 Footprint 
Another thing, footprints... ahh, footprints. You can't imagine how much we talked about this. Me personally, I think that footprints are one of the most important things out there. Did you leave a print that people can see and look up to? Or did you leave one that they have to clean up after? It's what you left behind for everyone else and what you did for them that matters. So, watch your footprint and make it a good one.

Part 3 A Perfect World
Lastly, a perfect world, in my opinion, is impossible. You can't have everyone have everything. People are too greedy and too selfish. But, you can have lots of happiness. You can have an equal world. That would be pleasing to me. But a perfect world, not happening. Not in this world with this species. 

All in all, this means to me that what you leave behind affects what others do, which affects their feelings. So, make them feel good and help get us all closer to that impossible perfect world. The only thing stopping you now is impossibility and we all know that that's the only thing that is impossible.

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