Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book review and announcements

So I have decided that from now on for the rest of the summer I will be writing book reviews. I just finished The 13th Reality: The Journal Of Curious Letters. (First one in the series.) The book review for that book is below. 

I loved The 13th Reality. It brought excitement and riddles. For the books I have read in the past, the main charter may have to solve a puzzle or two but not like this book, which is centered around riddles. Another thing about the book is that you don't find everything out tell near the end. I figured out that it had to tell the stuff I did not know, but not until the end of the book. This really added a "can't put it down" feeling to the book. If you are looking for an action packed book, then this is not your first choice. It has elements of action here and there. It also has a lot of action at the end, but over all not the best "action action action!!!" book.

Overall I love this book because of the main character, Tick. In my opinion he acts like me. This allows me to relate to him and it gives the story another level of realism, instead of being just another fairy tale. Tick is a nerdy one for sure. He loves to learn and is bullied. (The perfect combo!) The most unique thing about Tick is how he deals with bullies. Instead of crying or snipping back at the bully, he just waits and let's it happen. This is awesome in my opinion because he knows it's not getting better so he deals with it. This builds an understanding of how accepting and courageous Tick is. It's leaving me to wonder how much he will have to do in the next book. Just a couple of side notes: There is no magic in this book. It is all math and SCIENCE, so don't go reading wanting magic. There is an over powering force, but that is also not magic. (NO MAGIC.)

Next on deck is The 13th Reality: The Hunt For Dark Infinity!

Also I am going to write a summary about The Art Assignment. (The Art Assignment is a YouTube series where they hand out assignments for you to do.) You should subscribe.

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  1. Ben, what kind of science is in the book? Is it like chemistry where they put stuff together to create other stuff? Or more like physics to create things that fly or go fast?